Me, on the rooftop of a temple in Penang, Malaysia.

I'm glad you dropped by. Pull up a chair; fetch a cup of tea or a beer; make yourself at home. You'll find pages about my travelling, with photos of course; some of my writing and my thoughts about it; a bit about me; and links to my blog and email. If you want to buy books, you'll find the links here. That should be enough to fill your time while your tea gets cold.

The site has had a recent face-lift, moving the 'please buy my book' section to its own page. I've had much more fun writing other sections of this site and it felt duplicitous to keep the marketing on the front page. (Will this affect my book sales? How will I know?).

If I've alarmed frequent visitors, I apologise.

But I need to blow my 'new book trumpet' first. The Planter's Daughter has been simmering forever, and is, at last ready to graduate. Here is the Amazon.co.uk link.

The Planter's Daughter.

Before you go wandering into other pages, I'd be grateful if you could have a look at this. I went back to Nepal a few months ago, and met up with friends who had survived the earthquake. I've returned home determined to do something to help. The needs are huge, and our resources are limited. But I'm committed to enabling one man to rebuild his house - it will cost just £1500! It's not a lot. And will give a family - this man, his wife and mother and two small children, a safe home of their own again. So if you've pennies to spare, you can know they are, literally, going to a good home.

And here's a message for those who have cheered this project from the sidelines: we have built a house. Donations from friends and family, on top of all the lovely money on the GoFundMe page and from the sale of After The Earthquake, have brought in more than enough. So, what to do with the extra? Start a second house, of course!

All the old stuff is still here, if you play around with the links to the left. There's even a hint or two about my new novel - it's been a change of direction for me, a glorious challenge. Follow the link on the writing pages.

And there's still plenty to keep you quiet if travel is your thing.

I've also updated some of the other pages - there are plenty of photographs if you follow links on the travel pages. You can find travel writing (some thoughts about Penang, in Malaysia) of you follow the writing links.

For those who want news of more recent ramblings - I try to blog on Mondays. If you scroll down on the blog you'll find about some my recent adventures in Ecuador and the Galapagos.

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