Vultures Overhead

It was time for to pack my rucksack again, and this time I headed west, to Cuba.

Everyone, it seems, has been to Cuba, or wants to go to Cuba, or knows about it. Cuba, they insist, is on the brink of change. A market economy will finally see off the old cars and rationing. They’ve been saying that for decades. But what face does Cuba present to a tourist in 2014?

I find salsa, of course, and cigars, and wonderful coffee. But what surprises waited when the music stopped?

And how has the country changed?

I visited less than a year before relations with America began to thaw. I'd love to hear from anyone who has news of how the country is adapting to the attentions of its market-driven neighbour.

One Amazon review reads: 'Jo Carroll was by turns delighted and confused by this country of contradictions. As always, she writes with insight and compassion, but also real sincerity about her responses to experiences, even those that repel her.'

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