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Boots outside a temple in India

You'll find links to different trips I've done, with some of my photos, many with stories attached.

For instance, these boots were left outside a temple in India. Part of the ritual of Indian temples is leaving one's shoes at the door. Sometimes there is a man collecting them, ostensibly keeping them 'safe' - provided you give him a rupee or two for the privilege. Here, they were simply abandoned. (Mine are the light grey pair, at the top of the picture.)

Which, for the Indians, who live in flip-flops or slip-on shoes, is simple. At this point I had joined a small tour group for a couple of weeks. And we all wore proper shoes, with ankle supports, and laces. Which led to much undignified hopping at the entrance to the temple as we took them on and off.

At least we were entertainment.

What you will also find here is a link to a travel advice page.

I thought long and hard about this - and you must bear in mind that these are simply ideas that I have picked up, and lessons I have learned, along the way. I found advice from other travellers invaluable. Take what you need from it, and forget the rest.