Here is my great book cover

Over the Hill and Far Away tells the tale of my long trip around the world.

But first - I've been asked about the elephant - ah, the elephant. I rode her through a grove in Kerala, in Southern India, with my guide crushing coffee beans and cardomon seeds into the palms of my hands for me to smell them - when he wasn't taking pictures!

I only spent about an hour with her. It was, of course, a venture set up for tourists, but I did get the chance to peer into the elephant shelters. In some ways they were better off than the mahouts. They were hosed regularly (essential for elephants), and able to roam freely. I even watched as a mother elephant allowed a mahout to wash her baby - the trust between man and elephant was touching. So, as elephants go, mine has a reasonable life!

And she's become associated with me on a forum or few in recent years, and so it seemed fitting that she found her way onto the cover of my book.

The blurb (in case you need tempting): There must be something between the retirement party and buying a zimmer frame. JO CARROLL decided this was the time to revive her teenage dreams and go round the world. So she packed her rucksack, a round-the-world ticked, and a notebook. Not prepared, then, for being maroons in a beach in Australia with the tide rising and nothing but the cliffs behind her; nor negotiating with a gunman who wanted to marry her in Lucknow. Let's not think about the snakes and leeches in the jungles of Malaysia.

But could anything have prepared her for the drama that brought her home? Nor the kindness of strangers who kept her safe at that moment when she was least able to do it for herself.

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