The internet is overflowing with both writing and travelling sites. These are just a few of those that appeal to me.

If you know of a great site that should be here - then contact me, give me the link and tell me why I should add it.

You'd like me to link to your site? That's fine - but you will have to sell it to me. I'll not link to everything just because you want me to.

Of course I'd like you to link to this site. These little links help us all to feel important. But it is not a prerequisite. I was never good at scratching your back in the hope that you will scratch mine.

Firstly - in case you missed it on my homepage - I'm raising money to rebuild one house in Nepal, damaged by the earthquake. We can't rebuild a city, or even a village. But together we can rebuild one house and give one family a future. You can donate here.

Secondly, here is a little charity that supports projects in the developing world - projects founded and run by local people, in response to local need. If you've a penny or two to spare, they could all go straight to where they are needed. The Mandala Trust

Some great travel sites

I've included the obvious travel sites here. There must be hundreds more. Do tell me about them.

There are some great sites that will help if you want a tailor-made trip. I didn't use one, and so am reluctant to recommend one over the other. I suggest you trawl review pages or forums if you want to use one of these.

Travelling blogs include:

And some equally great writing sites

A quick google of writing sites will show you just how many there are. We all have our favourites, and here are some of mine.

But if you find others you think belong here - or if you'd like me to link to your's, then let me know (and tell me why!)

There are countless sites where you can post your work and ask for reviews - and you are expected to review the work of others. Some people find them helpful; others find they suck time that could be more usefully spent writing. I suggest you play with them and find which one works for you

Then there are the sites that help offer writing and publishing advice. Here are two that I turn to:

Plus a miscellaneous collection of sites that I happen to like: