From the Inside Looking Out

This book is a response to a number of people who asked for my ebooks in print form.

Print books, they explained, are more friendly to read in bed. They are easier to dip into. Friends can borrow them.

I confess I delayed. I felt that the ebooks of my winter trips were too short to make a print book economical. Given the cost of production I would need to charge almost full price and I have sympathy with anyone who felt short-changed if they expected over two hundred pages and found about seventy.

But with three little ebooks - that was different.

So here it is: my winter trips all bound together in one volume.

And nothing more? No - there are no added extras in here. I have simply gathered Hidden Tiger Raging Mountain, Bombs and Butterflies and Vultures Overhead and bound them together.

Even so, it has still acquired a wonderful review: 'Lovely book. Funny, fascinating, flowing, easily readable, touching. If you love Bill Bryson and similar, you'll love this.'

You can find it on here, and on here.