Bombs and Butterflies.

Did you know that Laos is the most bombed country in the world?

If I'd had spent more time with my guidebooks and less with a physiotherapist preparing my creaking knees for squat toilets I’d have been better prepared when I crossed the Mekong in a long boat and stepped into the chaos of Huay Xai. But bombs still lie hidden in Laos’ jungles, in the rice paddies, and in the playgrounds. While young people open their doors to new ideas and possibilities, memories of war are etched on the faces of the old.

What sort of welcome would they give a western woman, wandering around with my notebook? Would they dare let me peer into their secret corners?

One Amazon review reads: 'Sparky, descriptive, and always fascinated by people, this is the tale of one woman's visit to Laos - needless to say it's not quite what you'd expect to find if you went on a package tour. Highly recommended.'

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