I have two blogs. One I began when I first went travelling, and a second - the more up-to-date blog - that now incorporates writing and travelling and general thinking.

The first travelling blog

I began this when I went on my big trip; it was a way to keep in touch with friends and family back home. You can also find out what happened when I went back to Cambodia and Vietnam, and, later, my drive down the west coast of America. But once the books came out I needed to combine my book blogging and travel blogging, and so you can find all my later posts on the other site now. I'm keeping this one alive for anyone who hasn't caught up with some of my old wanderings.

You can find a link to this blog here

The everything else blog

I began a second blog when I was writing OVER THE HILL AND FAR AWAY. The original idea was to blog about writing and publishing. But it has grown new roots, and new branches - and is now a hybrid. When I'm away you'll find posts about my lastest adventures. And when I'm at home you'll find a conglomeration of musings. (I know, 'they' tell us we should keep to one topic, give the blog an identity, foster a following by showing the depth of our knowledge on a defined subject. My blog scores a B-, must try harder. But it's much more fun to write about whatever takes my fancy!).

And you can find that blog here